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I was wrong, this is my hardest challenge yet.

Last week, I spent days trying to figure out how to interview myself, and how I could continue this format when I could hardly really write about myself, but I found a happy medium and finally figured it out. I thought my days of struggling with Meet the Team interviews were over, but then Connor Stocks happened.

Connor is not difficult to get hold of, he’s not particularly reserved in any fashion, and I think I could genuinely ask him any question in the world and he would answer me.

But seriously? No way. I will never get a serious answer out of Connor. But God loves a tryer, so I kept to the task.

Connor is one of our Primary Consultants, and maybe the best physical embodiment of a puppy in human form that I’ve ever met. He’s always creating a new game for us to play, or asking hypothetical questions that span from ‘mildly creative’ to ‘no one has ever said that sentence before, and no one should ever say it again’. He loves Sophie’s protein shakes, Lance’s rhubarb and custards and Hannah’s squares crisps, and he will call Scott a sweetheart every three to four seconds of his day.

We’re very grateful to have Connor with us, and he’s making such an impact with our Primary candidates and clients already (when we can get him to sit down). We’ve yet to find something we don’t love about Connor, so we thought we’d have a quick look into his brain to see what else we can learn!

Which celebrity has your favourite social media presence?

I know I should probably pick someone from LinkedIn or in the Education sector, but I have to be honest and say Ryan Reynolds. His posts are always hilarious, whether they’re a happy birthday to his wife with her cut out of the photo, or tweeting about the trials of having four daughters, I think he’s really funny.

How do you like your eggs?

In a blue packet, surrounded by other Haribo sweets (do you see what I mean about the ‘not being serious’ yet?)

Do you eat rice with a fork or a spoon?

Always a spoon, spoon with everything. They’re hands down the best utensil. There’s nothing I won’t at least try to eat with a spoon.

What’s your favourite thing about Best in Class?

We have such a close family here, that work never feels like work. None of us get the Sunday blues, and even when we’re away from the office in an evening or on weekends, we’re always texting and keeping in touch, mainly because we do just genuinely love each other. I’ve never had that in a job before, and it makes all the difference.

What’s the most bingeable TV series ever?

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me there’s definitely a few that I would say are some of my favorites, that I can watch over and over again. I was going to say Narcos, which Hannah and Scott are currently watching, or New Girl because I love it, that much that when I get a cat, it’ll either be named Ferguson or Winston, but I think I have to go Brooklyn 99. I have watched it a hundred times and could watch it a hundred more.

If you could learn a new talent, what would you pick?

I’d love to be able to fluently speak Spanish. I’ve always wanted to learn another language and be able to fluently converse, but most days I can hardly speak English, so I’m not sure how realistic it would be.

What sport would you compete in if you were in the Olympics?

I was going to maybe say long distance running because I have pretty good stamina and I quite like it, but competitively, I think I’m best at go-karting. I suppose it’s not technically an Olympic sport, but if it was, I’d definitely win it (unless Scott was also in the race, in which case he would definitely come second).

So, there’s a few more things that you might not have known about Connor! I could’ve guessed a few with his love of Ryan Reynolds and spoons, but there’s a few in there I didn’t know either!