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Every year, June is Pride Month, and to celebrate the diversity within our own company and further afield in our sector and community, we wanted to take a minute to both celebrate and educate ourselves and others about the impacts of Pride Month, and why it goes further than rainbows and parades (both are which are still a lot of fun)

The landscape of the community and Pride Month in general looks very different to how it must have during the Stonewall Riots of 1969, but there is still a lacking inclusivity and diversity in many areas of modern day society. So in honour of Pride Month coming shortly to a close, why is it still as important now as it was then, and how can we continue to show support to the community come July 1st?

As heavy as some of these topics might be, and how uncomfortable it might make people to have these conversations, they’re incredibly important discussions that need to be had. The more people who are educated about these issues, the better informed we can all be on how to support the community.

It’s great seeing companies embracing Pride Month and implementing diversity-positive policies, but we still have a long way to go! Unfortunately there are still some companies who add a rainbow banner to their LinkedIn for a month and then move onto the next social celebration without taking the time to really consider how they can push themselves to be more inclusive. It starts with the company, the culture and the employees, so let’s get going!

For those who are struggling in any way, there are plenty of dedicated resources available to you, and a lot of people rooting for and looking out for you. Take this month to be proud, whether you’re openly out or taking steps to get there, and take the time to remember and celebrate the other brave people who came before us and helped to pave our way.