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Let’s talk about what we think when it comes to the hybrid model of working nowadays. Recently, in the news it’s been brought to light that businesses are looking at scrapping their hybrid way of working to have everyone as one in the office again. But what could this mean for employees? Especially parents that have the flexibility to work from home and look after their children…

Well, from my perspective as a working Mum I feel that taking away the flexibility of working from home for parents makes life a lot more difficult. With the current price of childcare fees and family structures not being as they used to be, this makes it harder for parents to return to work after having children, let alone find a role that is flexible enough to have a balanced work and home life. Personally for me, Best In Class has allowed me to work part time with the opportunity to eventually go full time once it fits in with my child and home life which, I am extremely lucky and grateful to have such amazing managers who understand. With this being said I am very aware that for a lot of parents across the UK, looking for work to fit in with their personal life, it is very rare that they can find a work place that is so understanding.

“Women are particularly keen on more workplace flexibility, and more than half (52%) reported they had left or were considering leaving their job because of a lack of flexibility, according to the research, which combined LinkedIn data with the results of multiple worker surveys.” – The Guardian.

This statistic just goes to show that employees, particularly working Mums, highly value the opportunity to have a hybrid structure of working because it provides the flexibility that they need to evenly balance work and home life. And why shouldn’t those who have children have the opportunity to go back to work to build a career alongside raising the next generation?! Times have changed massively and women in particularly deserve that opportunity to not only have children but to be able to go to work, earn a living and build a strong career. When raising children in todays world, I feel like its so important to show them anything is possible and you can still work hard and have a career that you absolutely love, regardless of having children and other external factors that may have affected working life in the past.