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We’ve all had a nice catch up over the February Half Term, and we’re back ready for our third week of ‘Meet the Team’ with Lance Jackson!

Lance came on board with Best in Class in April of 2022, and is already such a shining star that he’s our first Senior Secondary Consultant. He’s got an index of knowledge about all of our procedures and candidates, and he’s always here to lend a helping hand, regardless of which one of us shouts up.

He’s essential to helping us all make it through the day, both because he’s always there to help out, but also because he has us regularly laughing and joking around, and he’s an expert at finding the most interesting quizzes that reveal your innermost secrets.

And his knowledge isn’t limited to just Best in Class, he has somehow memorised everything about everything, ever. He’s a wealth of information and funny anecdotes and you can never say, “do you want to hear an interesting fact about…”, without him already knowing exactly what you’re going to say.

So, we thought we’d turn the tables on him, and ask him some deeply personal questions about himself so you can get to know him (and hopefully like him) as much as we do!

What’s one skill you think everyone should have?

I think a skill that’s really important but isn’t as common as you’d think is emotional intelligence. Knowing how to interact with people and show empathy and compassion is huge, and can improve your relationships tenfold. I know that there’s been many times in my life and my career that being able to really understand people has changed how I see and approach things.

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

Most of my evenings or weekends off aren’t even really off because of how often I play and coach American Football, but with the time that I do have free, I like to fill it with action packed activities. One of my favorites is climbing, and the Best in Class boys have all gone together a few times. I’m very active and as much as I enjoy time to rest, I always like to have something active on the horizon.

What’s your favourite thing about Best in Class?

As much as I want to say the people, I know that Scott and Sophie’s answers have been almost identical and so I’ll go a different route. One of my favourite things about Best in Class is how appreciated I feel at all times. I know everyone else shares my sentiments, but from the little to the big things that we do as rewards, or treats, it’s always heart-warming and reassuring to know that there is someone saying well done.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

I’m quite a get-up-and-go kind of guy so a lot of the things I want to do, I’ve gone and done. I have to say though, I would love to hit a 180 at darts. We’ve had the board since our Best in Class year anniversary in September and none of us have through three triple 20’s yet. We’ve all got celebration songs planned if we ever do, but it’s not happened just yet.

Who in your life has inspired you the most?

I would have to say my mum. Having never really had any money and raising two kids on her own, she’s still kept an infectiously positive outlook on life which I’ve always admired. Me and my brother have gotten pretty far in our education and we’re both doing quite well in our careers, and I think we’ve turned out to be pretty decent guys, so I have to admire her for that.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Being on the phones a lot, I often run into my biggest pet peeve. It really grinds my gears when I miss someone’s call by a second, call them back within a minute, and they don’t pick up! Slow walkers too, I can’t stand them, get out of my way.

What was your least favourite childhood chore and why?

This one is pretty gross, but we had 5 dogs growing up and a huge garden, so once a week, it was mine or my brother’s job to go around with a bag and a little scooper and pick up all the dog poo. We would go to such lengths to get out of it, and me and my brother used to bet and compete with this chore as our punishment. My favourite was challenging him to a race (which I always won), so he’d been stuck on dog-poo duty for another week running. You learn to run fast when you know the alternative!

There’s even some things in there that I didn’t know about Lance, so I’d say I know him a little better now too. Lance lives and breathes Best in Class, and so I’m sure there’s plenty of our candidates and clients who get the pleasure of speaking with him, but if you haven’t yet – then you know a few things about him to get started!

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