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Week two of ‘Meet the Team’ is our very own Scott Holt!

Scott is our incredibly knowledgeable and even funnier Director here at Best in Class, and brings to the table over 7 years’ worth of experience of Education Recruitment. He knows everything about absolutely everything and always has a funny story to tell, or a fun fact to share.

Alongside being our best darts player and a solid 10/10 in dance moves and impressions, Scott is one of our Secondary Consultants, alongside Lance. He has an eidetic memory for our candidates and can always be trusted to be shouting into his headset because he can’t hear how loud he speaks when he’s on the phone. He regularly has us all in stitches, and when he’s not creating silly games for us to play, he’s helping all of us to become better Consultants and Administrators, and for that we’re very grateful.

We feel selfish keeping Scott all to ourselves, so we’ve decided to ask him a few professional and personal questions so you can come to know and love him as much as we do!

If you were going to be famous for anything, what would it be?

It’s got to be my jellyfish dance, which has recently featured on our Best in Class tiktok account. There are so many times in the office where we get up and dance around, and somewhere between my Michael Jackson moonwalk and Connor’s Fortnite dances, the jellyfish was born. I tried to get another company to join in on our work’s Christmas party, but it’s not catching on as fast as we thought

What would the title of your autobiography be?

From my first few years in Education Recruitment, I earned the name the “Fresh Prince of Saltaire”. It’s worked attracting candidates and clients, and I think it could do the same with readers

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

The worst injury I’ve ever had was playing football when I was a teenager. I fractured my ankle in two places which is where there’s a big split down the bone which struggles to fuse back together. I had to have a minor surgery and was out of action for nearly 14 weeks all of which was spent with a leg brace!

What’s your favourite part of your workday?

I really enjoy all parts of our work day, there’s always something to laugh at or something to work hard towards, but I especially like when we play darts. We very rarely actually play a game of 501, but we’ve come up with a whole range of other games to play, such as throwing darts double the distance away, sudden death rounds and games based on skill. One day I’ll throw a 180, I’m sure of it

What’s your favourite thing about Best in Class?

I know I’m completely copying Sophie’s answer from last week, but she got the jump start on ‘Meet the Team’ before me, so I’m still taking it. My favourite thing about Best in Class has to be our team, hands down. Everyone makes me laugh so much, and we’re all on such a similar level that we’re always catching old jokes and bringing them back, or listening out for someone pronouncing a word wrong on the phone, we just have such a good time. We’re like a little family and we always go home smiling and excited to see each other again the next day, but at least we have our hilarious group chat gets us through

What’s something you think is completely overrated?

Nandos; I just don’t get it. It’s just chicken and its so overpriced! Everyone else loves it in the office, and go all the time, but I’d much rather save myself the money and have something better at home

What is your proudest professional achievement?

I’m lucky to have some really amazing professional standout achievements, including receiving a medal from Prince Charles (now King Charles) for my service in the Army, and of course, starting Best in Class. I’ve had a few very different jobs, but each of them have made me the person I am, and when I look back, I’m proud of where I started and where I’m at now (although now probably has to be my favourite!)

There’s no shortage of silly little facts I could tell you about Scott to show just how much he regularly has us all in stitches, but we hope that you know him a little better than you did before!

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