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There’s been a lot of firsts for me this week – first day at my new job, first phone call introducing myself as ‘Hannah Bird, Best in Class’, and now my first blog post! I thought, to round off a whirlwind week full of bourbon biscuits, giant cups of tea, lots of frantic notes with my brand-new pen and notepad, and a whole lot of asking the same question a hundred times, that this would be a good way to reflect on such a great start with Best in Class.

Best in Class is an education recruitment company based in Bradford. Having grown up in Bradford, and with a family background in education (which you can’t escape when both of your parents are teachers!), I knew that this role would be perfect for me. And I’m very happy to report, at the end of my first week that I’m even more sure than I was before.

The team that I’ve been so welcomed into, consist of Sophie Woodcock and Scott Holt, Directors, and now, little old me! As Candidate and Compliance Administrator, I’m in charge of ensuring that all of our candidates are compliant and ready to go into schools. It’s been so inspiring to work with Sophie and Scott, whose hearts couldn’t be more invested in our business and our vision. And while going through feedback from our candidates, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who knows it!

I’ve also had the world of fun playing around with our marketing, and finding new and fun ways to engage with our schools and candidates. One of these such ideas, is a blog post, just like this one! From now on, we’re going to be doing a weekly blog post talking about everything from our team updates and the new and exciting things happening in our jolly little office, to how COVID-19 has done, and is continuing to impact the education sector, and what this means for recruiters like us.

So welcome to the first of many, and we’re happy to have you along for the journey as we grow!


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