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International Men’s Day; Our Stellar Fellas!

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This past Sunday was International Men’s Day, and although I’m two days late to the party because I don’t work weekends and I was at the lovely Leeds office yesterday, I still wanted to make a post to talk about something as important as this day. I wanted to take a minute to look at […]

Meet The Team – Emilia Fagan

Just us back again with another incredible team member to add to the family here at Best In Class! Here we are to introduce the absolutely fabulous, extremely confident and lovely Emilia Fagan. Although, Emilia started with us on Monday at the Bradford Office, she is going to be flying off to Leeds to spread […]

What To Do With Failure; Results Day 2016

teaching jobs Bradford education recruitment

When I was 17, I absolutely tanked my AS Level grades. On the 18th of August 2016 (a date I will never be able to forget), my family was on holiday in Greece, and I left the poolside sunshine to trek back to the room, log into the public WiFi that was only strong enough […]

Meet The Team – Felix Waddington

This weeks ‘Meet the Team’ is our extremely confident, proactive and outgoing new Primary Consultant, Felix Waddington! Felix has recently joined our Primary Education team, working alongside Connor to form great working relationships with our Primary Candidates and what can we say, he has fit into the team so well that its like he’s never […]

Pride Month 2023!

Every year, June is Pride Month, and to celebrate the diversity within our own company and further afield in our sector and community, we wanted to take a minute to both celebrate and educate ourselves and others about the impacts of Pride Month, and why it goes further than rainbows and parades (both are which […]

The Hybrid Mum

Let’s talk about what we think when it comes to the hybrid model of working nowadays. Recently, in the news it’s been brought to light that businesses are looking at scrapping their hybrid way of working to have everyone as one in the office again. But what could this mean for employees? Especially parents that […]

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023!

Thankfully, mental health has been much more of an important discussion in recent years, with conversations coming on leaps and bounds even in the past 10 years it’s been since I can remember first learning about mental health as a teenager in school. Back then, I was taught that sometimes people’s brains hurt, and they […]

Meet the Team – Natalie Harrison!

This weeks ‘Meet the Team’ is our super talented, wickedly creative, and limitlessly wonderful Natalie Harrison! Since we started these interviews way back when with Sophie, Natalie has since joined our team and I can’t believe that it’s only been a few weeks and it seems like she’s never not been here with us! She […]

Meet the Team – Connor Stocks!

I was wrong, this is my hardest challenge yet. Last week, I spent days trying to figure out how to interview myself, and how I could continue this format when I could hardly really write about myself, but I found a happy medium and finally figured it out. I thought my days of struggling with […]

Meet the Team – Hannah Bird!

Here is the day I’ve been dreading. It’s been playing on my mind for a loop, over and over and over again. How, how on earth am I supposed to interview myself? I’ve been doing our ‘Meet the Team’ interviews for a few weeks now, and we’ve gone through Sophie, Scott, Lance and now it’s […]